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A Spin Through the Inner Solar System

More than 50 years of planetary exploration have yielded a rich harvest of data, including many volumes of pictures. These images have revealed the faces of nearly all the nearby worlds, which have turned out to be both forboding and

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Riding Along With Mars Express

Take a spin around the Red Planet with the trusty orbiter.

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Sweeping the Rings


On Sunday, the robotic spacecraft Cassini in orbit around Saturn swept close by the planet and snapped hundreds of pictures of the rings as it passed. Here’s a very short video of what it saw. To learn more about what

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Video Retrospective: So Many Worlds, So Much Beauty

While working on some upcoming video/podcast projects for Riding with Robots, I watched these old videos for the first time in years. They brought back a lot of good memories of the enjoyable exchanges we had with all the Robot

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The Ghosts of Saturn

File this one under “Damn, I wish I had done that myself.” Chris Abbas produced this beautiful, subtle and elegant video take on Cassini imagery from Saturn.

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