3D Tycho

3D Tycho

Sent by: Kaguya | From: Luna | Credit: JAXA/Selene | Image source

If you look at the south side of the full moon you’ll see a crater with very bright rays called Tycho. This is a view of Tycho’s central peak from the Kaguya lunar orbiter. It’s viewable in 3D with red-blue glasses.

The Good Earth + This Week’s News Roundup

The Good Earth

Sent by: Kaguya | From: Luna | Credit: JAXA/NHK | Image source

This is a still frame from a video sent by the Kaguya lunar orbiter in April. Yesterday, the Japanese space agency launched a new video web site that houses footage from Kaguya and other missions.

In other robotic space exploration news:

  • The Mars Phoenix team reported the first Martian water is now being analyzed in the onboard labs
  • Cassini scientists announced they have confirmed the existence of large lakes on Titan
  • The Mars Express spacecraft buzzed by Phobos
  • The New Horizons team is keeping busy
  • The Opportunity rover is struggling to free itself from some rocky soil as it makes its way over to the wall of a crater
  • Check out the latest Carnival of Space

A Familiar Dance


Sent by: Epoxi | From: interplanetary space | Released: July 17, 2008 | Credit: NASA/JPL/Sigma Space Corp/GSFC | Image source

The moon transits the Earth in a series of images taken recently by the Epoxi spacecraft from 31 million miles away in deep space. Viewing the Earth from such large distances provides good practice for remote sensing of alien worlds. Epoxi is the extended astronomy mission that is using the spacecraft from the Deep Impact comet-smashing expedition of 2005. Epoxi will also fly by comet Hartley 2 in 2010. Learn more.

Apollo 15 Landing Site

Apollo 15 Landing Site

Sent by: Kaguya | From: Luna | Released: June 18, 2008 | Credit: JAXA/Selene | Image source

The Kaguya lunar orbiter sends this perspective view of Hadley Rille, which astronauts from Apollo 15 explored in the 70s. The image was created by combining high-resolution images with 3D terrain data.