Shooting a Galaxy – Milky Way Photography Season Begins

Last weekend I got up at stupid o’clock on both Saturday and Sunday for the first Milky Way expeditions of the season.

This is one of my favorite shots from last year:

Lone Rock, Skull Valley, Utah

Among the goals for 2019: new locations and more sophisticated darkroom work. Here’s wishing us all dark skies.

I made friends with* an owl while making these new exposures. It followed me all morning long, keeping to the other side of the creek. It sang a song with three short hoots, two long, somewhere in the dark.

*an enemy of, more likely?

silhouetted tree against a field of stars in the sky
Cottonwood, satellite, hazy Jupiter. Near Rush Valley, Utah on May 4.
Devil’s Gate, Utah on May 5.
The view from the ship that carries us all. Stansbury Mountains, Utah, on May 5th.