National Poetry Month 2019

Some of my entries for National Poetry Writing Month. See more in this #NaPoWriMo Twitter thread.

April 1

Mornings, the wind would ripple the lake
The sound scattered like scintillations of sunlight
It washed over the shore in waves

Photo from the Mars Curiosity rover on April 1, 2019

April 2

Light gravity and ice, now unseen but
Still together there, now and now and now, still
Bright as all the other mornings we never saw

Photo taken by Cassini 10 years ago today.

April 3

It’s not so dark here
In noonday sunlight you could read a book
At dusk, during the right century
You could watch the sparkle of snowfall
In the right eon
At just the right moment
You could catch a glint of metal in the night sky

Photo from New Horizons in 2015.

April 4

From empty space a solid stone
From sudden annihilation lasting grace

Photo from Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter in March. The crater is about 1.5 km across.

April 5

These are not metaphors:
Stardust, building blocks of the solar system, pale blue dots
The stars wheel around you, right now, in an earnest blaze
Nothing between you and them but air and dust

Skull Valley, Utah – 11:41 pm on Aug. 7, 2018

April 6

Which is worse
Cold wind or the complete absence of wind?

Which more warming
Sunrise or the knowledge that somewhere the sun shines always?

Photo by the crew of Apollo 14

April 8

Those days still circle my mind though
I’m never sure anymore which came first or
How fast they’re receding

Janus, Rhea, rings as seen by Cassini nine years ago today.

April 9

Watching clouds drift on a lazy afternoon
Dolphins horses elephants and fish
Dragons banshees aliens
A storm that could swallow the world whole
A shiver rising from a depth you can’t conceive

Jupiter from the Juno spacecraft on Apr. 6, processed by Kevin M. Gill

April 10

You can hold Titan in both hands
So cold it burns the skin
It feels wet and the haze flows over your fingers
Like wisps of dry ice smoke
Dione fits in a palm, and when you toss it against the other moons, Cassini data shows,
It clinks like ice in a glass

Photo from Cassini nine years ago today.

April 11

In the beginning every crater was a hammer stroke
In the sculpting of the worlds
Now in the Sea of Serenity a new mark
The latest of these few, new craters
Each like a child’s first hopeful fingerprint in clay

Photo: the Moon as seen by the Beresheet lander

April 17

The evening pauses
The Earth and Moon take notice
Face the setting Sun

The Wasatch Mountains as seen from Salt Lake City today

April 23

One world may be enough
But just out of sight the others careen through the deep
Singing to themselves just out of hearing and
Sometimes get caught just at the edge of our vision

The Wasatch Mountains as seen from Salt Lake City on Apr 18

April 30

I fear you may misapprehend my heart
As it soaks in the sky:
I don’t love Utah because it looks like Mars
I love Mars because it looks like Utah

Two nearby spots in Snow Canyon, Utah