Video Retrospective: So Many Worlds, So Much Beauty

While working on some upcoming video/podcast projects for Riding with Robots, I watched these old videos for the first time in years.

They brought back a lot of good memories of the enjoyable exchanges we had with all the Robot Riders here on the site as we gaped at, and puzzled over, these amazing images. But one thing struck me more than anything else: we really are living in the golden age of exploration. So MANY jaw-dropping views of so MANY strange and beautiful worlds.

So, here’s a short walk through the recent past of robotic space exploration. I hope you might enjoy it as much as I did.

Riding with Robots – Best of 2008

Riding with Robots – Best of 2007

Riding with Robots – Best of 2006 Two Years in Three Minutes


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Just watching the 2008 video that I downloaded when the Widget was put into retirement. On the off-chance decided to check if there was anything new, and lo!, lots of new goodies. Fantastic!



Thanks for checking in, Steve. Lots more to come. Just barely getting started. Your feedback is always welcome.

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