The Good Earth + This Week’s News Roundup

The Good Earth

Sent by: Kaguya | From: Luna | Credit: JAXA/NHK | Image source

This is a still frame from a video sent by the Kaguya lunar orbiter in April. Yesterday, the Japanese space agency launched a new video web site that houses footage from Kaguya and other missions.

In other robotic space exploration news:

  • The Mars Phoenix team reported the first Martian water is now being analyzed in the onboard labs
  • Cassini scientists announced they have confirmed the existence of large lakes on Titan
  • The Mars Express spacecraft buzzed by Phobos
  • The New Horizons team is keeping busy
  • The Opportunity rover is struggling to free itself from some rocky soil as it makes its way over to the wall of a crater
  • Check out the latest Carnival of Space

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