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The Mists of Mars

This entry originally appeared as a guest post on The Planetary Society site. Late last month, visitors to Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona witnessed a rare and spectacular sight. A temperature inversion (where a layer of cold air is

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The Northern Reaches

Beautiful maps – and photos – of Mars

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The Gems of Mars

This article first appeared as a guest post on The Planetary Society’s site. The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter carries some of the most powerful cameras ever sent into space. They routinely send home eye-popping postcards from the fourth planet. But there’s

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Space Robot Roundup

I disappeared into the mountains for a week with no Net access. When I got back I saw that I missed a blast of robotic space exploration news. It’s a reminder of how much is happening right now all across

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Weather Report: Mars

Mars is synonymous with mystery and alienness. And yet…there is often something about it that reminds of home. One thing Mars shares with Earth is weather: not just wind and dust storms, but clouds that come and go with the

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