Frequently-Asked Questions

toy lander on map of mars

Is the art for sale?

Not right now.

Can I use images of the art for my site or project?

Possibly. Contact info.

Where can I learn more about space, planets and robots? Can I ride along with the space robots, too?

Yes! It’s easy. Use the links at the bottom of the page to get started.

Why spend so much money on space when there are so many problems here on Earth?

A fair question. With many good answers. Here is one. Here are a few others:

First, we don’t spend much on space as a percentage of the total economy. In the United States, for example, the entire NASA budget—everything from the space station, to aircraft fuel efficiency research, to climate monitoring, to Mars rovers—takes up about one half of one percent of the federal pie.

Second, the money we do spend on space doesn’t go into a black hole (thank you, thank you). It creates jobs. More importantly, it creates technology that leads to many more jobs And it creates knowledge and know-how that benefit us all. It’s called R&D, and any smart company or forward-looking nation does it. Are you interested in the environment, transportation, communication, medicine? All of those fields rely day in and day out on satellites and other tools that resulted directly or indirectly from space exploration. Bottom line: going into space is about the problems here on Earth.

Finally, everyone benefits when we understand, appreciate and enjoy nature. After all, the Earth is a planet, so knowing the planets is one way to better know our own home.

Are aliens real?

Does intelligent life exist somewhere else in the universe? Almost certainly. Check out how many planets outside the solar system we’ve discovered.

Are flying saucers making midnight landings in farmers’ fields? Almost certainly not. Just my opinion, but people do study this kind of thing.