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Harrison “Jack” Schmitt was the last person to step down onto the Moon. He was also the only professional geologist to work on the lunar surface, which he did during the Apollo 17 expedition to the Taurus-Littrow Valley. The Moon’s

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A Spin Through the Inner Solar System

More than 50 years of planetary exploration have yielded a rich harvest of data, including many volumes of pictures. These images have revealed the faces of nearly all the nearby worlds, which have turned out to be both forboding and

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Mission to a Star

Upcoming deep space missions will venture right to the heart of the Solar System.

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New Hills, Old Secrets

Exploring a set of newly named hills on Mars reveals tantalizing clues to the planet’s story.

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The Same Sky

Last Friday, about an hour and a half after sunset, a robot on Mars raised its head. Obeying commands sent earlier from unseen masters, it lifted its camera eyes from the desert floor, and instead stared off toward the west.

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