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Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be watching “Interstellar.” Probably five, maybe 50 times. Judging from the previews, Christopher Nolan’s upcoming space epic is everything a lover of serious┬áscience fiction could hope for in a Hollywood movie, maybe more. It looks

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My Own Corner of Mars

On the 16th of February, at 3:16 pm (local Mars time), a robotic spacecraft orbiting the Red Planet trained its most powerful camera on the surface. It captured an image so detailed that if someone were standing there waving you

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National Poetry Writing Month 2014

Rendezvous – April 11   Unsaid Answer to the #1 FAQ – April 9   The Martians – April 5   After the Night Launch – April 4 An egret rises Breaking waves count the seconds Nominal moonlight   Solstice

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Dancing With Saturn

As I type this, the robotic spacecraft Cassini is traveling at 2.4 kilometers per second (about 5,300 MPH) relative to the planet Saturn. On April 9th, when Cassini makes its closest approach to the planet during this current orbit, the

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Harrison “Jack” Schmitt was the last person to step down onto the Moon. He was also the only professional geologist to work on the lunar surface, which he did during the Apollo 17 expedition to the Taurus-Littrow Valley. The Moon’s

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