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Terra Cognita – Updated (Again)

See below for July 2015 update When I first made this graphic, it included two unexplored worlds: Ceres and Pluto, and 2015 seemed impossibly far away. Now here we are, and only one remains. Of course, all these places have

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The Moon, In Depth

For years, scientists exploring the Earth’s moon have benefitted from detailed, three-dimensional views of the lunar landscape. Now, it’s easier than ever for anyone to see those same 3D pictures. The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter is a robotic spacecraft that circles

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Things NASA Might Tweet

One year ago today, the US federal government shut down due to a budget impasse, leaving NASA’s outreach teams unable to work. So I tweeted: In solidarity, today I’m tweeting some #ThingsNASAMightTweet if they could. I didn’t think much about

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My Own Corner of Mars

On the 16th of February, at 3:16 pm (local Mars time), a robotic spacecraft orbiting the Red Planet trained its most powerful camera on the surface. It captured an image so detailed that if someone were standing there waving you

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National Poetry Writing Month 2014/15

Updated with new poems from 2015 4104 (for MESSENGER) – April 30, 2015 I don’t know my last orbit’s number But when I trace that final curve I hope I’m like you: Careening headlong into fresh frontiers Radiating A head

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