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Phil Davis, Ariel Samuelson, Bill Dunford at the 2018 Webby Awards in New York City

At the Webby Awards this week in New York City, with Phil Davis and Ariel Samuelson. So grateful and excited to be part of the team behind solarsystem.nasa.gov (@nasasolarsystem on Twitter and Instagram), which swept the juried and people’s choice awards for best science website. Congrats to our colleagues at jpl.nasa.gov and exoplanets.nasa.gov as well!

So happy to be putting true, hopeful, positive things on the internets.

Sketchbook Page #4

NASA’s Deep Space Network is what makes it possible to stay in contact with the space robots. At three locations around the world, each located in a radio-remote location, immense antennas make extremely precise movements despite their size in order to listen deep into the sky.

multimedia page
Location: Earth | Mission: multiple | Date: April 18, 2018 | Click to enlarge. Credit: Bill Dunford

It’s Been Quite a Ride

At work we posted an interesting package of stories about citizen scientists Did you know anyone can help NASA scientists with real research? Check it out: solarsystem.nasa.gov/citizenscience . Some of my sketchbook page pieces are based on citizen science projects.

We even included a few profiles of people who made the leap from the amateur community to working at NASA, and they picked me for one of them: https://solarsystem.nasa.gov/ne…/400/the-ride-of-a-lifetime/ 

I’m one fortunate SOB.

Bill Dunford by Viking lander model
Photo by Sam Dunford