Sketchbook Page #4

NASA’s Deep Space Network is what makes it possible to stay in contact with the space robots. At three locations around the world, each located in a radio-remote location, immense antennas make extremely precise movements despite their size in order to listen deep into the sky.

multimedia page
Location: Earth | Mission: multiple | Date: April 18, 2018 | Click to enlarge. Credit: Bill Dunford

It’s Been Quite a Ride

At work we posted an interesting package of stories about citizen scientists Did you know anyone can help NASA scientists with real research? Check it out: . Some of my sketchbook page pieces are based on citizen science projects.

We even included a few profiles of people who made the leap from the amateur community to working at NASA, and they picked me for one of them:…/400/the-ride-of-a-lifetime/ 

I’m one fortunate SOB.

Bill Dunford by Viking lander model
Photo by Sam Dunford


pine tree and starry sky
Credit: Bill Dunford

Near Daniels Summit, Utah. I think the tree is a Douglas Fir, but I’m having a surprisingly hard time verifying that.

I’m nostalgic about this one because it contains the planet Saturn–and Cassini, three months to the day before Cassini disappeared forever into the planet. I put this one to use in a sketchbook page.