New (Old) Rosetta Images

Mars and Phobos as seen by the passing comet probe Rosetta. Credit: ESA/Ugarkovic
Another view of Mars as seen by the Rosetta spacecraft. Credit: ESA/Ugarkovic
The strangest, most amazing planet in the entire Solar System. Credit: ESA/Ugarkovic

The European Space Agency recently released a treasure trove of images from the Rosetta mission, which is on its way to a 2014 encounter and landing on a comet. The spacecraft captured these pictures in 2007, but we’re just seeing them for the first time.

Among them are these amazing images from Mars and from the home planet, which Rosetta flew by during its long trek. The talented Gordan Ugarkovic carefully applied some post-processing that really makes these views shine. In the top image, you can see the moon Phobos as a dark black dot near the top. Just to its right is a ring-shaped crater. This is Gale, where the Mars Science Laboratory (Curiosity) will land in August.

The last image shows the lights of Europe, the Middle East, and northern Africa as Rosetta saw them when it buzzed past the dark side of the Earth.

See more images and additional details on the Planetary Society’s site and the original data on the ESA site.

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