Eumenides Dorsum on Mars

Even though the Martian air blows thinner than at the summit of Everest, given eons enough it can carve through solid stone. The mountains of Eumenides Dorsum are found just to the west of the volcanic Tharsis region. Their deep channels are likely the wind’s work, but some scientists see signs of ancient water flows as well. This look from the Mars Express orbiter is color-coded by altitude, with the reddish areas indicating a height of about a kilometer and a half.

Sent by: Mars Express | From: Mars | Released: December, 2008 | Credit: ESA/DLR/FU Berlin | Image source


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Does anybody else see a sleeping infant in this picture… head lying on the right side of its’ face? Blanket tucked up high?

Seems at least as noticeable as other Martian faces.

Bill, upper left corner of picture. You are looking at the baby’s left side of his face, eye closed, (you see the lid edge) and slight downturned (closed) mouth. Asleep. Zonked out!

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