Kaguya Moonbell Project screenshot

The Moon is silent no longer, thanks to JAXA’s ‘Moonbell’ project. Moonbell translates the shape of the lunar landscape into music, converting topographical data from the Kaguya orbiter into a jazz score improvised by nature. Give it try, and be sure to click the preferences tab, where you can select a different mix of instruments to compose your own celestial symphony køb cialis.


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Fantastic! This is a very creative way to communicate data. Is there any way to determine the scale of the graphic representation?

I thought you might like it, Terry. Phillip, not that I can see, but the instructions may give more details, but I can’t read Japanese… I’ll see what I can find out.

Combine that with the space chain poems and you have a very zen experience. Now there’s a concept… very zen.

Still, bringing the arts into this brings facts and figures to deeper meaning/experience through music or poetry or graphic art.

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