Lights in the Darkness

Saturn moons and rings

The moons Dione and Janus light up the Saturnian night. Another stunning vista rendered in approximately natural color by master image processor Gordan Ugarkovic.

Sent by: Cassini | From: Saturn | Released: January, 2009 | Credit: NASA/JPL/SSI/Ugarkovic | Image source


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I should add this is an oldie from Cassini, taken on May 5, 2006. Ran across it while specifically searching for cool shots I might have missed in the past.

It’s a very high phase view, shows the rings from just barely above the ring plane (unlit side) and the brilliant ring you see is the F ring. If you really brighten the image you can even see a hint of the G ring extending further out.

Thanks, Phil. It means a lot.
Thank you for the additional color, Gordan. On my unusually bright display I can easily see the G ring. (The source of the G ring is actually the Enceladus geysers, isn’t that right?)

Actually, I think G ring might be fed by a small moonlet located inside the brighter ring arc and maintained by Mimas’ gravity. Enceladus directly feeds the E ring which is too diffuse to see here, is much more widespread and further out.

Another ring (discovered during that Saturn solar eclipse), IIRC called the H ring should be in there somewhere betweed F and G.

I would very much like to visit Saturn and Jupiter some day…. If only some advanced alien race out there realized what a great tourism gig they could have with us Earthlings just jumping for a chance to book a trip!

I can see it now. Ride the Io Flux Tube! Ski Enceladus! Deep Sea fish Europa!

There’s a buck to be made here, Gentlemen!

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