Mars in Depth

3D anaglyph of Martian canyon

This 3D view of layered rock in Candor Chasma, a four-kilometer-deep canyon on Mars, is one of hundreds of stereo anaglyphs released today. These images were created from stereo pairs in order to show the Martian terrain in relief. To see the 3D effect in these pictures (which is quite dramatic) you need to use a pair of red-blue glasses

Sent by: Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter | From: Mars | Released: December, 2008 | Credit: NASA/JPL/UA | Image source


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This is awesome! Depending on where I sit, the peaks stick out about 2 inches above the surface of my LCD screen! Wow!

I just had a look at the “About anaglyph products” PDF file on the HIRISE site. It says…
“Note that the anaglyphs have variable degrees of vertical exaggeration, increasing with larger convergence angles. One qualitative calibration is to look for angle-of-repose slopes for dry, cohesionless materials, which should be ~35°.”

I was wondering about that, after viewing this image. Mars was looking pretty craggy there!

Thanks, Wendy and Rob.

Yes, the vertical relief seems to be pretty exaggerated in this particular shot. But I think it still gives an impression of the landscape that we don’t ordinarily get.

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