Into the Maelstrom

storms on Saturn

Cassini’s camera focuses in on the storms that continually agitate Saturn’s atmosphere, driven by heat rising from deep within the massive planet.

At right, a wider-angle view of similar Saturnian latitudes to give an idea of context.

Sent by: Cassini | From: Saturn | Sent: December, 2008 | Credit: NASA/JPL/SSI | Image source


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It’s interesting that you should say that, because for some reason in the back of my head I sometimes imagine a literal voice coming from Saturn, probably something that sounds deep and authoritative, yet unfathomable. I don’t know where that image comes from, unless maybe it’s a memory of these sound recordings made from Saturn’s radio emissions.

The line comes from a song by Laurie Anderson called Mr. Heartbreak. Actual words are “All of nature talks to me, if I could only figure out…what’s it’s trying to tell me. I know it’s trying to tell me…something.”

The “heartbeat” of the sun is QUITE authoritative, beating every 5-6 minutes (I think).

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