mercury craters

A dramatic example of an impact basin with a well-defined peak-ring structure, which formed during a  collision that temporarily melted the rock on Mercury’s surface. This part of the planet’s terrain was seen up close for the first time during last month’s MESSENGER probe fly-by sidor.

Sent by: MESSENGER | From: Mercury | Sent: Oct, 2008 | Credit: NASA/JHUAPL/Carnegie Institution | Image source


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I don’t know if the craters on Mercury are of a more uniform depth than other places, but it is famous for its high density and its large iron core.

I would have to imagine that a large, dense core would affect compressibility of the crust.
Other than shattering into itsy bits, where can it go upon impact? It will be interesting to see if crater depth is relatively uniform across the planet. And how the crater depth compares to other planets and moons with smaller cores.

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