The Collapse Pits of Tharsis

Collapse pits

Sent by: Mars Odyssey | From: Mars | Released: Oct 8, 2008 | Credit: NASA/JPL/ASU | Image source

This lava plain in the volcanic region of Tharsis is riddled with pits that formed when voids in the lava collapsed. It makes for interesting features like this chain of craters. It also means there are probably many miles of subterranean caverns for future (very brave) explorers to map.


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The plains offer a safe landing zone and the voids may offer premade infrastructure for living areas, or at least some level of radiation protection. Now here’s a place where wind,solar, nuclear energy will all get a work out, and maybe bio too for food and O2. I wish I was 20 again so I could see more progress in this direction. Science is neat stuff when theory meets reality and hardware is made.

“When theory meets reality” – I agree, that’s what it’s all about. How amazing would it be to see the scenario you painted come to life.

If we can only figure out how to deal with that damned static electricity. With the current temperature, wool sweaters would feel nice, but geez, the ZAP!s will make your hair stand on end.

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