Red Cliffs

Red Cliffs

Sent by: MER-B | From: Mars | Sent: Sep, 2008 | Credit: NASA/JPL/Cornell | Image source

Another in a series of parting shots of Victoria Crater as Opportunity drove along its length, heading south toward an even larger feature several kilometers away. This is a composite of two false-color images sidor.

Update: here’s another excellent, natural-color version from James Canvin:

sputnik crater on mars


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7500 meters to the next crater…150 meters driving on an excellent day – are they planning on about 75-90 days to complete the drive to Endurance, allowing for rest-stops and sightseeing?

It’s actually about 12 kilometers (about 7 miles) to Endurance. From NASA: “The rover team estimates Opportunity may be able to travel about 110 yards each day it is driven toward the Endeavour crater. Even at that pace, the journey could take two [Earth] years.” Part of the reason is that there will be a lot of stopping for science along the way. Plus you have to factor in the inevitable mechanical troubles, solar conjunctions, etc.

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