Farewell to Victoria (or is it?)

Victoria Crater

As we’ve discussed, Opportunity is finally driving away from Victoria Crater after years of exploration inside and out of the impact site. Now it’s on to the even larger crater Endeavor, several kilometers away. But just when it looks like we’ve seen the last fresh images of Victoria, the hardy rover downloads more. This is one of the last views into the crater. That said, still more images are sure to surface in the coming weeks as Mars explorers, official and amateur alike, process the final, parting shots.

Sent by: MER-B | From: Mars | Sent: Oct, 2008 | Credit: NASA/JPL/Cornell | Image source

rover tracks on Mars


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She takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin’. 12000 meters drive over the next 2 yrs? Steve Squyres wrote in 2004 that he didn’t know when the MERs would finally stop working, but that they would eventually. That “eventually” doesn’t seem like anytime soon. If he and others feel like the MERs are their “kids,” Opportunity has graduated high school (by leaving Victoria) and is now off to college for a two year stint. Or maybe it’s “community college” to get to Endeavor, and college, once there and in.

Opportunity, send us cool postcards along the way – the folks back home are still interested.

I think when the day finally comes, we’ll be shocked, even though it’s overdue. Meanwhile, like you said, keep on truckin.

For every generation and every situation, a new phrase…
Go west young man.
Head ’em up. Move ’em out!
Oklahoma or bust.
Follow the yellow brick road.
Move on down the line.
Keep on truckin’.
And for one of humanity’s first surrogates on Mars…
On to Endeavor!
And don’t forget…
What, me worry?

Now wait a minute!!!

I just had a closer look at that bottom picture. It looks suspiciously like Opportunity did a little dance there at the edge of the crater before turning and heading straight out.

Well, what does it look like to you? ;-)

Harkening back to the 1968 Democratic Convention
“The Whole World is Watching”
“The Whole World is Watching”

Funny thing, 40 years later, we can shout the same thing all the way to Mars.

I haved Google-mapped Mars but it would be funny if Endeavor was west of Victoria…

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